Pole Inspections and Treating

Rayle EMC contractor, Southeastern Wood Pole Inspectors Inc. will be inspecting and treating poles. Personnel will be on foot and ATVs checking poles in yards, wooded areas, and along the right-of-way. Beginning in September they will be working in Oglethorpe, Wilkes, Lincoln, and Taliaferro Counties. Please contact Rayle EMC with questions or concerns at 706-678-2116.

Herbicide Spraying

Rayle EMC contractor, Marshfield Forest Services Inc will be spraying herbicide on the powerline right of ways. Personnel will be on foot with backpack sprayers in yards, wooded areas and along the right-of-way. Please contact Rayle EMC with questions or concerns at 706-678-2116.

USPS Mail Delivery Changes

The United States Postal Service is making a change in the way they deliver first-class mail. This change could impact the delivery of your paper bill. E-Bill delivery is available as well as online payment and automatic draft options. Log in to your account or call your local office to learn about ways to manage your account so you don’t miss a payment. Please note that if you use your bank’s bill pay service, checks are mailed to us and may still be delayed due to post office changes.

Scam Alert

We receive multiple calls daily that Rayle EMC members have been contacted by phone and informed that they need to make a payment on their account or their power will be disconnected. THIS IS A SCAM! If you receive a call asking you to pay over the phone the best thing to do is tell the caller that you will call your local office to verify this information. Then call us at 706-678-2116 (Washington), 706-453-2268 (Greensboro) or 706-743-8107 (Lexington). Please DO NOT give anyone that you do...

Outage Text Notifications

Rayle EMC’s new outage text alert program, TextPower, provides a convenient way to stay connected during a power outage. Receiving text notifications from Rayle EMC puts information about power outages in the palm of your hand. Using the everyday convenience of text messaging, you can quickly and easily text us to report an outage. Once we’ve assessed the situation, we’ll text you to let you know when your power has been restored. All consumers who have cell numbers currently in...