Safety Education

Working with high-voltage power lines every day gives our employees a deep sense of the importance of safety in the workplace. Safety consciousness is part of our corporate culture. Our employees attend monthly safety meetings, as well as travel to GEMC-sponsored schools where they get the latest in safety instruction that is so important to avoiding injury on the job. We believe that we can share our attitude about safety with the community through various programs and events, which we participate in or conduct throughout our service area. The following is a list of just a few of the things Rayle EMC does to educate about safety:

Farm Camp Photo

Farm Safety Day Camp – Rayle EMC participates in three of these camps each year, the Wilkes-Lincoln County Farm Safety Day Camp, Greene County Ag Day, and Oglethorpe County Ag Day. At these camps, children from five to eleven years of age are taught what dangers there are around the farm, how to identify unsafe conditions, and what to do to be safe. Topics covered range from high-voltage power lines to tractor safety.

High Voltage Safety Demonstration photo of class

High Voltage Safety Demonstration – Thousands of students in our service territory have been treated to this safety demo over the years, which is a mockup of a real high-voltage power line. The demo plugs into a regular wall socket, and by the use of a transformer, the voltage is stepped up to 14,400 volts, the same voltage traveling in the power lines on your street or road. The students are shown what happens when a kite string touches a power line, the danger involved if they come across a downed power line, or the results of a metal ladder coming in contact with the high voltage electrical lines right outside their own homes. They are taught to always be aware of their surroundings and to recognize danger when they see it.

We at Rayle EMC are here to serve our members, their families, and the communities in which they live. If any of these programs are of interest to you as a member/owner, or as a parent, contact us at the co-op to get more information. We will be waiting to serve you – because that’s what we do.